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Cable / DSL Modem

If you have cable Internet or DSL service to your home, chances are that you’re renting a modem from your Internet provider. Modem rental costs between $10 and $25 per month, but did you know that you can purchase a modem for under $100 and never have to pay a modem rental fee again? This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your service. We can purchase a modem for you, install it in your home, contact your Internet provider to make the switch, and even return the rental modem on your behalf.

VoIP Telephone Service

Cut the cord, save yourself a bundle of money! Thanks to cell phones and smartphones, most people aren’t using their landlines as much as they used to, but they’re still paying a lot of money for them. We have Voice-over-IP alternatives to a traditional AT&T landline that can cost less than $6/mo!

Wired and WiFi Networking

If areas of your home suffer from poor network performance, we have solutions that can help. We can do a wireless network scanning walk-through of your home and suggest locations for additional wireless access points, power line network adapters, or even wired Ethernet cabling thanks to our relationships with local licensed and bonded electricians.

Data Backups and Recovery

Whether it’s caused by a virus, accident, hardware failure, theft or just a mistake, data loss can be costly and feel tragic. We can install and configure your computer to securely compress and encrypt your files before storing them on servers in the cloud. Your files are safely retained on a 90 day rotation schedule, so even if you just remembered that you deleted a file 89 days ago, we can get it back for you!

TV Options

Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Roku, Slingbox, and apps built right into your TV! There are a lot of options for watching your favorite shows that don’t necessarily require a cable box or premium channel subscription. We can help you figure out the best way to connect your TV to the Internet for reliable streaming video.

Antivirus and Malware

Did you click on something you regret? Is your computer acting funny? Are popups wasting your time and trying to trick you into doing something that your gut is telling you doesn’t look right? Has something encrypted your files and holding them for ransom? We might be able to help treat the problem, but the best solution is good prevention. We can install and configure software that scans your computer periodically and prevents troublemakers from taking over your computer.

OS and Software Upgrades

Upgrading software on older and even newer computers can be tricky or problematic. We can make sure your system is backed up before we do the upgrades, just in case something doesn’t work as expected. With over 20 years experience in many different versions of MacOS, Windows and Linux, we’re glad to help you get to the latest versions of the operating system and applications that you need.

Printer Sharing

Many modern printers can be used by everyone in your home with just a few configuration changes. We can help by configuring and testing this for you, and setting up the printer drivers on your computers.

Pricing Guidelines

Our fees are primarily influenced by job complexity, project management, research time, documentation requirements, support scope, and overall time estimates. We offer special discounted rates for registered Not-for-Profit organizations and senior citizens. Additional pricing information is available on the Pricing page. You are always welcome to contact us for more information or a specific estimate.

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